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Welcome to mealplan4me! This easy weeknight dinner recipes and free meal planning tips website was made for people like us that are not professional chefs, but love to cook. Even if you don't love to cook, you can learn a few simple, affordable recipes that you can make any day of the week. 

Beef FajitasBeef Fajitas-mealplan4me

Home cooking does not have to take up a lot of time nor does it have to be complicated. 

I created several of the recipes from scratch that I consider to be quick and easy meals which are perfect for busy weeknights. Nothing fancy, just good 'ole home-cooked meals!  Just as long as you plan ahead, you can create healthy home cooked meals throughout the week, no matter how busy your day is. Not only will you feel better about yourself, it will help you save tons of money each week. Just think...No more takeout! 

This is what you'll find at mealplan4me:

*Weekly Menus

*Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipes

*Meal Planning (How To)

*Kitchen DeCluttering Tips & More!

What's For Dinner? 

Cooking for yourself? Don't worry! My recipes are all measured to cook for 1-2 persons. Just make sure to adjust the quantities if you are cooking for more. Follow these tips to cook for one.

Mealplan4me offers FREE weekly meal plans! Don't stress about what to make each week. I can do the work for you by planning out simple menu's that are flexible and affordable. 

Each week you'll see a new menu plan for 5 nights of easy weeknight dinner recipes, along with a set breakfast and lunch suggestions. I will continue to add new menus each week and keep the archived ones for easy access. This is a great way to start getting yourself organized and to have meals planned in advance! 

Check out this week's menu!

Need to Get Organized?

Mealplan4me has a unique way of menu planning and organizing! Follow my free meal planning system to create basic menu's for the week. Learn quick and easy meal planning tips, kitchen decluttering tips and more!

Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipe of the Week: Chicken Stir-Fry

Chicken Stir-FryChicken Stir-Fry|Mealplan4me

This Chicken Stir-Fry main course dish is a great recipe to try if you are looking for quick and easy weeknight dinner during the busy work week. Avoid resorting to takeout when you can cook for yourself! What I love most about this recipe is how easy it is to make. If you don't want to use noodles, you can substitute it with some Jasmine rice. Click here for the recipe!

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Check out my navigation bar for all the recipes available on this site, along with meal planning tips. Share your quick and easy ideas for all of us working people out there to make planning simple, fun and enjoyable. If you have any recipes you would like to share, fill out the form at the end of the page. Hope you enjoy my site!

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