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These 5 Ingredient Recipes are especially helpful for busy moms, college students or just about anyone that have busy schedules. They're great recipes as you do not have to fuss in the kitchen AND you do not have to resort to takeout. The meals may sound a bit fancy, but believe me, they are not difficult to make. You'll be amazed of the high quality of meals you can make with just a few ingredients! The recipes listed below are my go to each week. I like to rotate them throughout the month. 

 Most of the recipes I got from my mom, but there are a few I created with whatever ingredients I had in stock. I would love to add to my list. If you have any favorite dishes you created or websites with recipes with 5 ingredients or less and want to share, please fill out the form below!

5 Ingredient Recipes List

Main Course Dishes

Sausage, Peppers & Onions (Featured photo: Potatoes added)

Grill up your favorite sausages, peppers and onions! You can use any type of sausages such as Brats, Keilbasa, Knockwarst, Polish, etc. If you do not want to grill, you can easily use an indoor grill pan as a substitute. You can eat this mixture as-is, or eat it on top of rice or a hot dog bun. Get the full recipe here!

Lamb Chops

This is a special occasion meal. Not because it is time consuming, but because of affordability. It does cost more than other grocery items, so I typically wait on store deals before I purchase it. If you do decide to make this recipe, it is very easy to make with minimal ingredients. You can pair the lamb chops with your choice of salad, rice, vegetables or pasta. Get the full recipe here!


Steaks are great for weeknights. They don't require a whole lot of prep time, other than seasoning them up. The grill time will vary depending on whether you like your steaks rare, medium or well done. I have a great New York Steak recipe, as well as, Ribeye Steak recipe you can try. Pair these steaks up with salads, rice, vegetables or pasta!


Any type of fish is a great weeknight recipe. You can find store deals on seafood throughout the year. It's very affordable and very quick and easy to make. You can try my dover sole recipe or my salmon recipe. Feel free to experiment with different spices and flavors. You can pair fish with a healthy salad, baked potatoes, rice or vegetables.

Pork Tenderloin

Depending on the size of the pork tenderloin, you can easily make this during the busy weeknights. I usually purchase a couple pound tenderloin, and it takes under an hour to make. While the tenderloin is roasting, you can be preparing side dishes. Experiment with various spices and herbs. Pair this recipe with rice, salad and vegetables. Get the full recipe here!


Cornish Hens take just over an hour to make. If you get home by 5pm, this is a great option for you. To minimize your time in the kitchen, you can also load up the roasting pan with potatoes and carrots. It's really easy to make. You can experiment with various spices and herbs. Get the full recipe here!  If you don't have as much time during the midweek, you can easily grill up some chicken. You can pair grilled chicken with salads, vegetables, rice, baked potatoes.

Side Dishes

These side dishes will go with any of the main course dishes listed above. My favorite is the roasted brussels sprouts. I usually pair it with lamb chops and any of the steak dishes. The Turkish rice is so versatile, it goes great with all of the main course dishes!

Vegetable Side Dishes

I have a few vegetable side dish recipes that are quick and easy to make. You can serve them alongside any type of meat dish, including chicken. They go great with grilled foods, as well as, baked dishes. If you are looking for no fuss veggie side dishes, try the following:

Rice & Quinoa Side Dishes

I have a few rice and quinoa side dishes I created, only two I got from my mom (Turkish Rice and Chickpea Rice). These are great alternatives to plain white rice side dishes or even mashed potatoes or french fries. What I like most about them is you can serve it with fancier dishes or with foods on the casual side like grilled meats and chicken. Here is my collection of rice and quinoa side dishes:

5 Ingredient Recipes are not only perfect for those busy weeknights, they are also great if you are trying to save money on groceries. A lot of the recipes use common spices so most likely, you already have them in your cupboards, so that saves you money from the start. You'll also notice these same dishes in my recipes collection, but the list below will give you a quick reference of meals that can be prepared using only 5 ingredients, or less!

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