Easy Menu Planning 

Understanding the basics of Easy Menu Planning can literately transform your life. You can go from leading an unorganized, hectic lifestyle to one that is organized and peaceful. All it takes is the initial investment of your time to get it going. It may sound overwhelming at first, but once you get yourself organized, you will be glad that you started. All it takes is understanding that meal planning does not have to be complicated or time consuming. You have the control over how much or how little to plan for. You can plan for the entire week or you can plan for a few days. It's all up to you!

With my system, all you plan for is dinner, while the rest of the meals are chosen off of your staple list. Find out more below!

What Is My Easy Menu Planning System?

MealPlan4Me's easy menu planning system is basic, simple and flexible.  It helps you avoid those moments where you aimlessly staring inside your fridge or pantry hoping for something good, then getting frustrated that you have tons of stuff, but not enough to put a meal together!

It also does not fit certain days of the week where you may not feel like eating a specific meal on a specific day. The menu that is created is set as a guideline for you throughout the week to pick and choose what you feel like eating. You can stick to the menu as-is by eating a specific meal on a specific day, or you can glance at your menu and pick which meal sounds good to you. You can also base your decision of what to eat depending on how your day went. For example, if you have a hectic day, choose the meal that takes the least amount of prepare. Likewise, if you have ample time, choose the more complex meal to prepare.

What Would A Basic Menu Cover?

This easy menu planning system is so basic that the only meal you actually plan for is dinner, while all other meals (Breakfast & Lunch) will be taken off of your menu planning staple list. This list is crucial, so make sure you have the "basics" on there. Find out more on how to create a staple list!

How Do You Put A Basic Menu Together?

Take about half hour of your time to decide which dinner recipes you want to make for the upcoming week and place them on your menu. You will then create your grocery list depending on which ingredients you need and that's it! It is very basic!

What about Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks & Drinks?  Since these items will be on your staple list, you never have to plan. Just make sure you have those items on hand at all times. If you are running low or are out of them, place it on your grocery list. The great part is you can update your staple list anytime you want to avoid getting tired of eating the same things. 

Here are a few extra easy menu planning tips

Quick Example Of Planning a Basic Menu

Sit down on Saturday or Sunday morning and pick 5-7 days worth of dinner recipes. One or two days out of the week can be reserved for leftovers, take out, or a frozen entree. Once you figure out what you want, place each of the ingredients needed on your grocery shopping list.

The next step is to make sure you have all your staple items on hand. Just make sure you create a full list so you have lots of choices. And, include choices with longer shelf life that will not spoil. An example staple list for breakfast would be oatmeal, cereal, eggs, or breakfast bars. Each morning all you have to do is grab one of those items and you'll never have to plan for breakfast.

A sample lunch staple list may include canned soups, leftovers, or sandwiches. For snacks, you can include yogurts, fruit, nuts, chips or whatever you like. Lastly, for drinks, you can add sodas, water, milk and a variety of juices.

Again, it is up to you of how much you want to add to your lists. The more you have on your lists, the easier it is and the more options you have. 

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