Creating Zones

Creating zones or designated spots for specific items in each area of your kitchen will help you maintain organization, help you with meal planning and putting a grocery shopping list together. Find out more details of how creating zones can help you by reading my kitchen decluttering tips!

Here you will find a sample of how to set up zones in your kitchen. Depending on the size of your kitchen, fridge or cabinets, you may need to create more zones or you may need to create less. As long as kitchen items have a designated spot, the size of the space is irrelevant. 

Creating Zones: Kitchen

Fridge & Freezer

  • Zone 1: Top Shelf- Dairy items and Drinks: This zone will only hold milk, creamers, butter, cream cheese, juices, beer and other similar items.
  • Zone 2: Middle Shelf- Fruits and Vegetables
  • Zone 3: Bottom Shelf- Breads
  • Zone 4: Side Door- Condiments, bread crumbs, wine bottles, pickles and other similar items.
  • Zone 5: Freezer- Frozen Food Items. You can create further zones by having the top shelf for frozen entrees, middle shelf for leftovers, bottom shelf for frozen pizza, etc.


  • Zone 1: Canned Food Items
  • Zone 2: Pasta, Rice, Cereals
  • Zone 3: Onions, Garlic, Potatoes
  • Zone 4: Bulk Items- this is where you will keep extra supply of seasonings, rice, cereals, and other items.
  • Zone 5: Spices and Seasonings
  • Zone 6: Baking Good Items

You can create an infinite number of zones depending on how many kitchen items you have and how detailed you want each zone to be. 

Depending on how many shelves your pantry has, each zone can occupy one whole shelf or you may need to split one shelf between zones. For some of you, you may not even have a pantry and that is OK! You can use any of your kitchen cabinets to create these zones.

Organize it! Take zoning to the next level. Group your canned goods by like items (fruits & vegetables). 

You can use the same concept for kitchen gadgets, utensils, pots/pans or whatever kitchen item you have! The main point is to create an individual space that is organized for a group of items.

These zones will also contain most of your staple list items. As you plan out your menu and grocery list each week, all you need to do is to take a quick peek at your zones and you will instantly see what needs replenishing. 

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