Meal Planning Tips

Welcome to mealplan4me's meal planning tips! I want to share with you with a few of my tips that I use to help me figure out what I'll be eating throughout the week. It can get so overwhelming looking into various meal planning tips because there are so many out there. It is so hard to choose which method would work best for you.

I am not here to advocate one specific method. As a matter of fact, I use various methods and will let you know which ones have worked for me. Which method I choose can vary week to week, depending on how much time I have or whether or not I'll be in town or if I'll be having guests. 

I've listed a few options I use and have used for years, with the exception of option #1. I personally have never used pre-designed menu plans, but know people that do. For them, it is the best solution, but for me, options #2 and #3 work best!

My Top 3 Meal Planning Tips!

Option #1

Plan your meals around pre-designed menu plans. This is the best option for someone who wants to start on the path of meal planning, and is looking for a variety of pre-made menus and meals to get started. Having weeks worth of meals already planned out can save you even more precious time to spend with your loved ones. There are plenty of websites out on the internet that provide a meal planning service for busy families. 

Option #2

Go Through Grocery Store Circulars/Specials. This is my preferred meal planning tip as it continues to prove how cost effective it is. Each week I go through advertising for main grocery store chains. There are two grocery store chains that I use each week. I grab those two advertisements and look for their "deals". This could include deals on chicken, steaks, beef, pasta, etc. Based on the types of food items on sale, I begin to plan my meals. Once I determine which foods I want as a main course for dinner, I either create meals using my own original recipes or go to my favorite websites and type in the search button the main ingredient I want a recipe for. For example, chicken. I will type the word "chicken" and tons of recipes involving chicken pop up. I choose the one that I think will be the least expensive and/or the least time consuming to make. I go down my menu planning list until I have created a menu for the week. In addition to the internet, I also go through my family recipes or ones that I have created. 

Option #3

Go Through On-line or Cookbook Recipes. Go to any on-line recipe websites and pick main course meals.I usually pick enough main course meals that will cover 5-6 nights. The remaining nights are designated for leftovers, frozen pizza, treating yourself for take out or whatever your heart desires! Based on which meals you picked, plan on making those meals throughout the week and go to your staple list to pick meals for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. 

It may take awhile for you to figure which meal planning tips will work for you. You may also get discouraged as it seems too time consuming. But, once you get going and have a routine, you will be so happy that you started meal planning. In the long run, it will save you time, money and energy! The more you do it, the faster you become. It used to take me an hour to plan my week and now, I can create a weeks worth of meals and plan my grocery list all in half and hour! It is totally worth it!

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